Alessandro Riccombeni joins Genestack

Hi, I am Alessandro, and I just joined Genestack to help with the development of bioinformatic applications.

me2-150x150I started doing research at the bench, and trading my pipette for UNIX let me enjoy bioinformatics from the point of view of an experimental biologist. I feel that bioinformatics has unlimited potential for advancing the way we answer biological questions, but too many barriers are still present. Despite biologists being the ideal users of bioinformatic tools, accessibility is limited by a flood of similar or redundant methods, pipelines and formats, often provided "as is" with little of poor documentation, resulting in the alienation of potential users.

I joined Genestack to change this: we are making it easy for biologists to directly analyse their own data, without having to worry about makefiles or segmentation faults. At the same time, we are helping bioinformatic software developers bridge the gap with their user base, providing a format-less, integrated genomics operating system. We'll do our best to let you make the most out of your data: sign up today, and let us know how we can help your research. Enjoy,

Alessandro Riccombeni, Ph. D.