Introducing Genestack's Bioinformatics team

Mary2Hello, I am Maria! I joined the Genestack team to help creating applications for biological data processing. I have studied molecular biology at Saint-Petersburg State University in Russia and my background is mainly experimental.

Today's technology is producing huge datasets, but the scientists who generate them depend on computational methods for the analysis: I think it's important to give biologists an easy interpretation of their results. I want to make Genestack's tools comfortable and clear to use not only for bioinformaticians but also for experimental biologists.

Maria Alekseeva, MSc.


2Hi, I am Evgeniia and I work on the development of user-friendly interfaces via coordination with our software developers, making bioinformatic applications easy to use for biologists like me.

I am also enjoying this interdisciplinary approach, with experimental biologists and software developers working side by side, as an enriching educational experience.

Moreover, as we keep updating the Genestack platform, it is my duty to test new applications using real experimental datasets. I hope that you will enjoy working on Genestack; in turn, we will try our best to help you with your research.

Evgeniia Golovina, MSc.


Dialdestoro_Kevin-1Hi there, I'm Kevin.

I joined Genestack as a software developer. Previously I studied Mathematics and Statistics at Oxford, and now I'm an MPhil student in Computational Biology at Cambridge. I initially wanted to work in the finance industry but was drawn to the rapid growth and promises of social benefits and technological breakthroughs in Computational Biology.

My first research experience in CompBio was during Summer 2013 at Oxford, developing a model and program to process serially-sampled NGS viral data from HIV patients to infer evolutionary parameters. It was a challenging, yet the most exciting and enjoyable project I've been involved in. And I'm pleased to say that I've found an equally stimulating working environment here at Genestack. You'll find experts from a wide range of scientific backgrounds within the Genestack community and interact with them on a regular basis through daily conference call, wherever they're located. For me, Genestack is especially a place to learn; they care for your personal development and as long as you're willing to be taught, you'll realize your full potential here.

We're here to provide cutting-edge bioinformatics applications. So sign up, see it for yourself, and enjoy!

Kevin Dialdestoro, BA.