Meet Genestack's Summer Interns!

Hi ! I'm Daniel. I joined Genestack as an intern, to help in the development of software dedicated to the analysis of single-cell RNA-seq data.

I come initially from an engineering background, and during my degree, I had the opportunity to work on three different bioinformatics projects, all related to cancer research. This is when I realised the tremendous possibilities offered by the combination of cutting-edge biological research and computer science, especially in the field of personalised medicine and clinical genetics. I then decided to further specialise in this field by following a Master's degree in Computational Biology at Cambridge.

Genestack is at the very heart of the high-throughput genomics revolution, and I'm really excited to be part of it. We're here to provide you with clear and reliable bioinformatics tools, so that you can focus on the essential and speed up the pace of your research.

Daniel Ohayon, BSc.


Me-034Hi, I'm Will!

I studied Biological Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, focusing mainly on cell and molecular biology, neuroscience and evolutionary biology. My research experience has been quite eclectic and I've done projects on neurodevelopment, behavioural neuroscience and palaeontology. While on an internship to Janelia Farm Research Campus in the USA I realised how important computational skills are becoming in biology and decided to apply for a Master's degree course in that area. Since getting accepted onto the Computational Biology MPhil at Cambridge I've learned a lot about bioinformatics and other areas of computational biology.

I've joined Genestack as a summer intern to investigate the quantification of heterogeneity in cell populations using single-cell RNAseq data. In the course of our internship I will implement an application for this on the Genestack Platform. I'm looking forward to applying my bioinformatics training to a real project and experiencing research in the private sector, and to contributing to this exciting company!

Will Bradshaw, BA.