New platform release! Improved file import, metainfo editing and more!

Today we are happy to announce our next release which brings a range of new features as well as bug fixes and performance improvements.

Improved Command Line App Interface

improved_cla_upFirst of all, based on your feedback, we've updated the command line apps interface to make it easier to run specific dataflow. Each app shows a summary of options chosen for analysis and suggests you to add next analytical step or use relevant viewers according to your pipeline. We hope this new app interface is much more user-friendly and makes more sense. 

Upgraded Data Import

importData import was also reworked and upgraded. We now have a simple and more intuitive way to upload and import your data. It's really fast! Now you can mix new and previous uploads in one single import session. Our importer supports lots of different file formats and transforms them into biological data types. Use our improved data import and check it out for yourself!

Edit metadata in new Metainfo Editor

editTo  edit file metadata, use our new Edit Metainfo app. The simple Excel-like application design allows you to add and change metainfo for multiple files at once. 

Describe your data! Click on "Add column" button and add more metainfo fields, choosing from existing columns or creating your own ones. 


Try it out and you'll find it is super-easy and fast.

Improved Search

search_folder_upOur search is much faster now! You can easily search through all the data on the platform including public experiments from GEO, ArrayExpress, SRA databases. Try to search something and save your search as a Search Foldersearch_folder_create

To find it in File Manager open "Created files" folder. 


Remember! You don't need to search the same query many times. Search folder will always show up-to-date results of your saved search. 

New task killing feature!

killerMuch requested task killing feature is finally implemented in our Task Manager! Now you can cancel  your running tasks whenever you want.

Useful tips and tricks!

tips_1They help you understand the platform better and become a power user. Keep reading them to uncover more Genestack features.

If you have any questions, if something is confusing or things aren't working, please don't despair, because help is available! Just email us at support@genestack.com or talk to us on Chatra. You can also submit your feedback, comments and requests for new features directly in the platform using the green feedback button.

Be curious! Get your free Genestack account at https://genestack.com/blog/ and try these new features and apps!