Four new apps & detailed app descriptions

New release includes apps for work with Mapped Reads and Genomic Variations, detailed descriptions for Preprocess and Analyse apps, as well as performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Merge Mapped Reads

Imagine you'd like to merge several Mapped Reads files into a single file (for example, a set of biological replicates mapped to the same reference genome). Select one or two Mapped Reads files and find the app in "Preprocess" section:


Intersect Genomic Features

If you are interested in isolation of SNPs (from one Variations file) that overlap with SNPs from another one, choose one or two Genomic Variations files and run Intersect Genomic Features app:


Concatenate Variants

To join separate Genomic Variations files 'end-to-end' into a single file use the Concatenate Variants app:


Merge Variants

Use the Merge Variants app to merge SNPs from one Genomic Variations file with Indels from another one:


Improved app descriptions

Click on the app name in the top left corner of app page and choose "About application" to see what application does, its options and scientific references:


What applications would you like to see on Genestack platform“ Do you want to develop your own app with help from our team“ Share your thoughts in the comments or email us at support@genestack.com.

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