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New Updates to Genestack Platform Allow Easy Scripting Access

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23 November 2015

New Updates to Genestack Platform Allow Easy Scripting Access
New Python Client Library for programmatic access and for uploading of third-party applications to the platform.

Cambridge, 23 November 2015 … Genestack, the developer of a next generation enterprise platform for genomics research and development, has improved the interactivity of the platform with the release of the Genestack Python Client Library, which provides tools, allowing users to upload their own applications and directly interact with the platform.

The newly released Client Library allows users to programmatically interact with the platform. This is particularly useful when performing long and complex tasks, such as multiple file uploads with custom metadata, that would be time intensive to accomplish through the web interface. Moreover, the Client Library also contains a module that allows you to quickly upload your own apps to the platform.

Other uses of the Genestack Python Client Library include: calling public methods of all available applications, interacting with command-line apps, editing metadata of Genestack files and other typical platform file operations.

Misha Kapushesky, CEO of Genestack said: “This release is an important step in improving how developers can interact with Genestack. The Client Library allows users to automate long and complex tasks on the Genestack platform through a simple Python script. Moreover, it allows users to upload their own applications to a Genestack instance, which means on top of using your app, you can benefit from the core values of Genestack and no longer worry about data sharing, storage or computer power.”

Since its establishment in 2011, Genestack has expanded significantly. From its offices in Cambridge and St Petersburg, it now runs a globally used next generation enterprise platform for genomics research and development, which has a growing range of academic and commercial users.


For further information, please contact:
Kalina Cetnar
Marketing Manager at Genestack
Tel: +44 (0)7541924437

Notes to editors:
About Genestack
Genestack is an established company, transforming how genomic research and development is done via its next generation universal bioinformatics platform. The platform allows researchers to focus on their research, saving both time and money for its users across a range of industries and sectors. Through its community platform Genestack has a strong and growing base of users, alongside a growing number of significant corporate customers, which is supported from its offices in Cambridge and St Petersburg.

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