Genestack Forum 2.0

Hi everyone!

We decided to bring our Genestack Forum back to life. It's a perfect place for you to ask questions about Genestack: anything from how to use our bioinformatics platform to questions about documentations on writing apps.

Other users of the forum will definitely help you find the answers to your questions. If not, we will make sure that someone from our team checks the forum regularly and write answers to your posts as soon as possible.

To view the posts go to forum.genestack.org. To add posts you must log in. You can use your Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo or Github accounts. Alternatively, you can create new account. If you'd like to chat to someone from our team, you can message us on Chatra.

If you have any questions regarding the basics of how to use our platform: data management, sharing data, creating data flows, using apps or reproducing your results, check out our Getting Started tutorial.

You can also use tutorials we prepared on Differential Gene Expression Analysis, Whole-genome Bisulfite Sequencing Analysis and Whole Exome Sequencing Analysis. They'll give you many useful details about each analysis type and will help you become a more powerful user.

Genestack team