Meet our new Business Development intern!

Hi! I'm Nemunas,

I've recently joined Genestack as a Business Development intern. nemunas photo

I graduated from the Biological Natural Sciences course at the University of Cambridge a few months ago. In my studies I initially focused on wet-lab work, but a series of coincidences led me to a computer-based summer project at UCL's Sobell Department. My growing interest in computational approaches to biology led me to take the Systems Biology course last year. This exposed me to the practical applications of in-silico genomics. As I am also an avid economics geek, I became enthralled by the real-world applications of this technology that are just now becoming possible.

I believe that over the coming decades widely-available in-depth information on personal biology will transform the way we think about health. However, utilizing all this data to its maximum potential is an enormous challenge. Genestack is the solution the genomics industry has been looking for and I am excited to be part of the amazing team working to bring it to you.

Nemunas Antanavicius, MSci