The Genestack brand makeover

Hi everyone! As you have definitely noticed, we changed our logo and the brand to better represent where we are as a company now. Our CEO said: "The new branding is a reflection of the evolution of the company during the last couple of years. It celebrates the culture of innovation, curiosity and positive perfectionism we've been cultivating at Genestack since the very beginning. " Over the last 5 years Genestack has transitioned from a community-focused startup into a recognised leader in the bioinformatics industry, and is now working with multinational enterprises from biopharmaceutical, consumer goods, agritech and healthcare industries, helping them make the most out of their multi-omics data. The rebranding is a reflection of this transition, which illustrates how far Genestack has come in its 5 year history and evokes the company's maturity and ambitions for the future. While the branding, taglines and logo have changed, Genestack's mission and values remain the same - we will continue helping our users overcome the challenges of bioinformatics and coming up with innovative solutions that increase the multi-omics R&D efficiency. We hope you'll like the new face of Genestack!