Our Team

Misha Kapushesky, PhD, CEO

Most recently team leader in functional genomics at the European Bioinformatics Institute, where his team developed bioinformatics data systems for academia and industry, such as Gene Expression Atlas. Misha Kapushesky has first-hand experience in dealing with big data in genomics and has participated in and led international consortia applying bioinformatics to medical research. Before joining the EBI in 2001, he worked at several high-tech startups in the area of large-scale data search and processing around Boston, USA. He was educated at Cambridge (Ph.D., Genetics), Oxford and Cornell Universities (B.S., Mathematics, magna cum laude).

Vasiliy Bout, CTO

Vasiliy Bout is an expert software architect with deep knowledge and experience of large-scale computing and systems design. He has been key in the conception and development of Genestack from day one. Vasiliy has contributed extensively to the popular open source e-book reader application FBReader. He was educated at the Saint Petersburg State Polytechnic University, and received postgraduate training at the Academy of Modern Software Engineering.

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