The Human Cell Atlas meeting – Stockholm '17

The Human Cell Atlas (HCA) is an exciting new global research initiative funded by the Chan-Zuckerberg foundation, which aims at building a comprehensive map of all the thousands of cell types in the human body. The diversity of cells in the human body...

Analysing and reproducing large transcriptomics data from Connectivity Map and LINCS L1000

Publicly available genome-wide transcriptional expression data is lately gaining more and more popularity, as it can be used for drug repurposing or to infer adverse effects of previously unknown drug. A first attempt to build a comprehensive collectio...

Bioinformatics is sorted, the pain is in management – Genestack to say at Bio-IT World

  BIOINFORMATICS IS SORTED THE PAIN IS IN MANAGEMENT, GENESTACK TO SAY AT BIO-IT WORLD Genestack allows public & private data to be searched, analysed, visualised in one browser  When playing music on iTunes the computing is invisible, and the sa...

We're presenting at Bio-IT 2017!

Hi everyone! The annual Bio-IT World Conference is one week away. Our CEO, Dr. Misha Kapushesky, will be be giving a luncheon presentation on Thursday, the 25th at 12:20. Misha will be discussing the pain points of bioinformatics R&D in the ...

Genestack User Guide is out!

Hi everyone! Genestack is a platform that can be used by a variety of users: from power user bioinformaticians to scientists who are just starting their work bioinformatics. Our system is easy to use and doesn't require any coding skills. However, b...

Listen to Misha's talk from RNGS2017

Hi there! Like we mentioned before, our CEO, Misha Kapushesky, was one of the speakers at the Revolutionizing Next Generation Sequencing 2017 conference that took place last week in Antwerp. If you didn't get a chance to attend the conference and li...

Next stop: Revolutionizing Next-Gen Sequencing conference in Antwerp

Hi everyone! Next week we'll be attending the Revolutionizing Next-Generation Sequencing conference in Antwerp, Belgium. The CEO of Genestack, Dr. Misha Kapushesky, will be one of the speakers in the Computational Genomics and Data Analysis session...

Looking back at TriCon

We were very excited to attend TriCon for the first time a couple of weeks ago. From now on, this event will be a must on our conference list. We put together our notes from the conference and wrote a summary of the topics we found most interesting: Th...

Platform Release Note 35 – what's new?

Blog Platform news
Hello everyone, It's time for our next release! During the last couple of months our team has been busy developing cool new apps. Here are some of them: Kallisto Report app The Kallisto Report app quantifies the abundance of transcripts from RNA-Seq ...

Genestack in pole position for bioinformatics revolution

Blog In the media
  "Since the sequence of the human genome was unravelled in the early noughties a vast amount of data has been generated – so much information, in fact, that it needs innovative tools to make full use of it. Enter Genestack. Even after just fiv...

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