Interactive visual analytics tools

Powerful visual analytics tools, allowing users to make sense of the produced data, are another key ingredient of the biopharmaceutical IT infrastructure. On Genestack, you will find a growing toolbox of visual multi-omics applications, as well as powerful filtering features allowing users to better understand their data instantly. To meet the ever-changing needs of our clients, we offer custom development of applications.

On/Off Cloud

Sometimes, the data our clients operate on is highly sensitive and cannot be sent to the cloud. This is why we developed our system to run everywhere: on a cloud, a cluster, on-premises or with a hybrid deployment model. A cloud deployment guarantees control and scalability of your resources and expenses. An in-house deployment allows you to leverage your existing IT infrastructure. A hybrid model is also possible, where Genestack is deployed locally on custom hardware, switching occasionally to the cloud for large computational tasks.