Centralised knowledge management system

An intelligent data and metadata management system is fundamental to any efficient R&D organisation. Consistently described data must be captured and stored in a centralised repository, integrated with public datasets and made available throughout the company. The Genestack platform can be used as a single point of truth for all multi-omics studies and assays. We provide an extensible and flexible infrastructure encompassing raw multi-omics data, metadata, pipeline results, intermediate files and analysis reports. On top of this, Genestack’s faceted search interface allows users to browse a wealth of private, shared and public data, find relevant experiments easily and perform meta-analyses.

Integrate informatics packages

Biopharmaceutical companies often rely on an IT infrastructure comprising multiple informatics packages from a variety of vendors, creating the challenge of integrating all the solutions into one. Genestack can be used as the foundation of your company’s bioinformatics infrastructure or the parts of our platform best fitting your challenges may be integrated into your existing infrastructure. We provide a flexible offering, and are ready to help clients overcome their challenges in the ever-changing world of genomics R&D.