Prolong data lifecycle

Consumer goods companies generate immense amounts of multi-omics data each year as a part of new product development and safety assessment. Corresponding challenges include data management, integration of private and public datasets and combining experimental with computational biology. Genestack works with companies in the consumer products industry to lengthen the data lifecycle and maximise return on investment for data production.

A single place for all your data

Many of our consumer goods clients see the negative effects in their R&D processes from the lack of centralised data management solutions. We provide a flexible infrastructure handling raw multi-omics data, metadata, pipeline results, intermediate files and analysis reports. The platform streamlines the import of complex data and offers consistency constraints on metadata to standardise the way users describe their datasets.


Integrated public, shared and private datasets

Leveraging existing public datasets to analyse them alongside private data holds great potential to see insights which are only visible at scale. Genestack’s faceted search interface allows users to browse through a wealth of private, shared and public data to find relevant experiments easily, using full-text search across metadata attributes, with synonym awareness and ontology expansion. We index millions of assays from more than 100 000 experiments available in public genomic databases such as SRA, ENA, GEO and ArrayExpress.


Scalable data analysis and visualisation tools

In the most effective R&D organisations, team members focus on what they do best. The Genestack platform empowers biologists to perform big data analysis without a need to write code, so that people who produce data can also analyse and interpret it. Bioinformaticians can use Genestack to build and manage applications which are readily used by other members of the team.

Customised bioinformatics solution

Collaborate with Genestack on the development of applications suited exactly to your needs. We understand the ever-changing nature of omics research and are prepared to meet all your current and future requirements. One of the major strengths of our solution is its flexibility: our modular, extensible system runs everywhere and we are experienced fitting Genestack into existing client IT infrastructure.

For Researchers

Using Genestack, researchers can answer complex biological questions without the need to learn specialised computational skills. Our system helps users by suggesting the best analytical approaches for their data and our interactive visual applications allow for easier results interpretation.

For Bioinformaticians

Genestack provides bioinformaticians with a powerful and flexible interface to build interactive bioinformatics apps. Once developed, applications are easily integrated with the rest of the system and ready for use.