A full suite of tools and pipelines

On Genestack, you will find a growing toolbox of genomics applications. Those include gold-standard open source tools for processing WGS/WES, RNA-seq, microarray data and more, as well as interactive tools we develop in-house. Our interactive visual applications help users interpret their results or instantly filter them to find the desired data.

On-site or cloud solution

The Genestack platform can run on a powerful on-site appliance, with patient data never leaving the hospital premises. Genestack can also run on a cloud, a cluster, on-premises or with a hybrid deployment model. A cloud deployment guarantees control and scalability of your resources and expenses. An in-house deployment allows you to leverage your existing IT infrastructure. A hybrid model is also possible, where Genestack is deployed locally on custom hardware, switching occasionally to the cloud for large computational tasks. Regardless of the deployment model, the patient data is protected using the current security standards.