Genestack launches new brand and corporate logo

Genestack launches new brand and corporate logo
The rebranding reflects the evolution of the company and its vision for the future

Cambridge, 24 January 2017  Genestack, a bioinformatics company developing a next generation platform accelerating genomics research and development, launched the company's new corporate logo and brand. genestack new logo "Our new branding is a reflection of the evolution of the company during the last couple of years. It celebrates the culture of innovation, curiosity and positive perfectionism we've been cultivating at Genestack since the very beginning. " said Dr. Misha Kapushesky, the CEO of Genestack. Since its inception in 2012, the Genestack team, composed of software engineers, bioinformaticians and biologists, has addressed the biggest challenges of bioinformatics which are draining the R&D efforts away from research and towards solving IT problems. Now, Genestack is a recognized leader in multi-omics data management, analysis and visualisation solutions that help multiple types of users refocus their efforts on the scientific discovery. Today, Genestack works with multinational enterprises from biopharmaceutical, consumer goods, agritech and healthcare industries, helping them make the most out of their multi-omics data and increase their R&D efficiency. In the upcoming years, Genestack plans to further expand their bioinformatics innovations department, grow its presence on the U.S. market and double the size of its team. Genestack's rebranding represents its evolution as a company and a transition from a community-focused start-up into a recognised enterprise leader in the bioinformatics industry. The new brand identity will illustrate how far Genestack has come in its five-year history and evoke the company's maturity and ambitions for the future. While the branding, taglines and logo have changed to better represent where the company is today, Genestack's value proposition remains the same - our innovative approach to developing the most efficient bioinformatics solutions, exceptional customer engagement and deep industry expertise remain the unique qualities that drive Genestack's success and enable us to develop rewarding and long-lasting relationships with our customers.

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About Genestack Genestack develops a genomics research and development platform. The platform eliminates routine tasks, tackles inefficiencies and helps its users overcome the challenges of bioinformatics. Genestack team brings together expertise in computational biology, genetics and algorithm design to help the customers, across a range of industries including pharma, healthcare and agriculture, to accelerate their genomics-based research. To learn more, please visit www.genestack.com