Oct 18. 2017

Testing Differential Isoform Expression on Genestack Platform

This new tutorial will show you how to perform analysis to detect differential isoform expression from RNA-seq data.

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May 16. 2017

Genestack User Guide is out!

Genestack is a platform that can be used by a variety of users: from power user bioinformaticians to scientists who are just starting their work bioinformatics. Our system is easy to use and doesn't require any coding skills. However, bioinformatics is still a very complex subject. That's why we prepared the Genestack User Guide. You can access it here.

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Feb 16. 2017

Genomics-based crop improvement and protection using KnetMiner

Hi everyone! In case you missed our workshop at PAG, here is a recording and slides from the presentations: Overview of KnetMiner by Keywan Hassani-Pak Improving Plant Breeding Using KnetMiner by Philipp Bayer Stay…

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Feb 15. 2017

New format of the Genestack user tutorials

Hi everyone, We've updated our user tutorials to make them easier to navigate. All previously published tutorials along with the step-by-step videos have been updated. In the upcoming months, we'll be publishing more tutorials on: Microbiome Analysis Knowledge…

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Jul 12. 2016

How to...choose a reference genome?

Hi everyone! As you know, recently our team has been working hard to put together an Ultimate Guide to the Genestack Platform. This guide consists of a general introduction to bioinformatics and the basics of sequencing analysis, as well as a comprehensive set of descriptions of Genestack platform architecture, use cases for various apps and tips and tricks on how to get the most out of the platform.…

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