Uncover your data's full potential

Genestack brings together a powerful data and metadata management infrastructure, a full suite of pipelines and a range of interactive visual analytics tools.

The Genestack Platform

By bridging the gap between experimental and computational biology, Genestack empowers multiple types of users to manage, analyse and visualise multi-omics data.

Manage Your Multi-omics Data and Metadata
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Use Scalable Tools and Pipelines to Analyse Data
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Explore Results Using Powerful Interactive Visualisations
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Multi-omics data and metadata management

Use Genestack as your data headquarters, a single point of truth for all multi-omics studies and assays. Work seamlessly across geographically distributed sites within the enterprise and with external collaborators.

  • fast and intelligent raw data import
  • metadata templates with predefined attributes
  • context-sensitive metainfo editor
  • data connectors to public repositories 
  • fine-grained data access control model
  • rapid access to private, shared and public analyses
  • faceted search across enterprise and public data
  • powerful search interface with autocomplete
  • meta-analysis capabilities from data browsing interface
  • access to data via web browser or API
  • interactive spreadsheet metadata editor with ontology support
  • ontology-based and rule-based metadata mapping and validation utilities
  • support for custom controlled vocabularies and ontologies
  • manual curation support from our expert biocuration team

Scalable tools and pipelines

On Genestack, you will find a growing toolbox of genomics applications. Those include gold-standard open source tools for processing WGS/WES, RNA-seq, microarray data and more, as well as interactive tools we develop in-house. The pipelines are customisable and are easily used by researchers who want to perform data analysis without having to write code or use the Unix command line. 

Interactive visual analytics applications

Genestack is a versatile platform designed for a diverse group of users ranging from power-user bioinformaticians to scientists without programming expertise. Our interactive visual applications help users interpret their results or instantly filter them to find the desired data. From quality control to variant exploration: Genestack provides interactive apps that will help you understand each step of your analyses.

Enabling R&D efficiency


Use Genestack platform as the basis of your bioinformatics infrastructure or pick parts of our solution that best fit your individual challenges and integrate them with other systems already in place in your infrastructure.


Integrate Genestack with your existing processes and tools, including LIMS or downstream analysis tools. 


Automate a great part of the data grooming tasks and manual data curation to focus on your research instead. 

Multiple User Types

The Genestack platform lowers the entry barrier to bioinformatics. Users of the platform can go from data to results without ever needing to write code.

Provenance and Reproducibility

View the full provenance of any file you have created and turn it into a reusable data flow. Calibrate and keep track of tool parameters to benchmark your pipelines easily. The platform hosts multiple versions of tools so that old analyses can be reproduced consistently.

Collaboration and Sharing

Create groups to share data, tools and reports with your colleagues. Define metadata templates and controlled vocabularies to ensure consistency of metadata. Within your group, impose consistency constraints on shared data, and specify team member’s roles from administrators to sharing and non-sharing users.

Security & Compliance

Our platform enables compliance with various regulatory standards, with data being processed and stored in the leading cloud provider. 

On-cloud, on-cluster, on-premises

Genestack can run on a cloud, a cluster, on-premises or with a hybrid deployment model. A cloud deployment guarantees control and scalability of your resources and expenses. An in-house deployment allows you to leverage your existing IT infrastructure. A hybrid model is also possible, where Genestack is deployed locally on custom hardware, switching occasionally to the cloud for large computational tasks.


Genestack is a fully modular and customisable platform. Our public SDK allows you to easily turn your custom workflows and applications into Genestack apps and integrate them seamlessly with the existing apps on the platform. Our SDK also includes a powerful Javascript library with reusable components allowing you to quickly build a user interface for your app.


All Genestack applications can be entirely scripted using our well-documented HTTP APIs. You can import, browse, process and edit your data using scripts written in any language of your choice.

Genestack Assistance

Our team will assist you during the migration process. We help our clients keep track of their constantly evolving needs and facilitate the transition of bioinformatics scripts and software from a research environment to a production environment.