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We attract the brightest, most dedicated people and work to let them grow. Daily life at Genestack involves solving complex problems in a fast-paced environment and collaborating with a brilliant, diverse team. We are growing rapidly and are always looking for amazing people to join us.

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Join the team that creates cutting-edge bioinformatics solutions addressing the biggest challenges of precision medicine, drug development and bioinformatics research.

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We are willing to and expect each other to take risks to exceed expectations. We don’t stop until our ideas work, and then we go the extra mile.

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People of Genestack


Software Developer

What do you do at Genestack?

I develop new bioinformatics applications for our platform.  This means learning about the underlying biology and computational methods for a particular application, writing the algorithmic code in a mixture of Python and R, building a user interface, and then wrapping it up into a self-contained Genestack application that is deployed on our public instance, and given to clients.  Over the last few weeks I’ve: built a prototype framework to speed up app development, learnt how to use Sketch for UI mockups and implemented a new transcript quantification algorithm.

What is your background?

I love the abstract idea of computation (not always the reality of real-world computers though!), so I’ve been interested in programming for a long time.  I read for a degree in Mathematics at Oxford and worked in a large technology company, writing low-level code to interact with cloud storage.  Following this, I traveled in Europe while working on various side projects, and then moved to Cambridge, where I’ve been applying my skills in the sphere of bioinformatics here at Genestack.

What do you like most about your job?

The variety.  Because of Genestack’s nature as a web platform, it is comprised of many separate components, and the problems we face range from considerations about the low-level data storage to user experience concerns.  We also happen to be competing in a rapidly evolving industry, where the science, technology and applications change visibly from one week to the next.  Commuting to our new office in the centre of Cambridge takes me 10 minutes (with a tailwind) door-to-door by bike, and it’s difficult to live in this city without being reminded that you’re in one of the genomics capitals of the world.



Marketing Manager 

What is your background?

I have a Masters in Human Genetics and I used to work in a lab investigating ageing pathologies in C.elegans worms (one of the leading model organisms for ageing research). I am passionate about the issue of commercialisation of science, so at the time when my friends were choosing PhDs and careers in academia, I decided to jump ship and looked for something at the interface of science and business, and this is how I joined Genestack. 

What do you like most about your job?

I like that it pushes me to learn and do new things daily. Because we’re operating in an ever-changing industry and because Genestack is a rapidly growing company, no two days are the same.  

What is special about the Genestack team?

The special thing about our team is the freedom to speak up on any possible topic and the certainty that your colleagues will take your opinion under consideration. 



Senior Developer

What do you do at Genestack?

I'm a Java developer responsible for the platform core.

What do you like most about your job?

Interesting tasks. I love creating new things and Genestack gives me opportunities to do it. 

What did you do before joining Genestack?

After graduating, I spent some time working at the university in a research group. I worked on static analysis and execution visualization of multi-threaded computer programs.

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