What is metadata? Why do we bother with it? What are the FAIR principles? – find out by downloading our new e-book!

The importance of metadata in genomics and the FAIR principles

At Genestack, we invest tremendous effort into approaching the challenge of genomics (and other -omics) data management and integration. We believe this is at the very core of extracting greater value from the myriad of available public and private data. The metadata and data management solution we have developed is already deployed at multiple top 50 pharmas. 

In this e-book, we explain what metadata is and why do we bother with it, discuss the problems associated with metadata, the FAIR principles, and the need for improvement of how do we, as a scientific community, take care of public data. 

​Data only has value in the context of what we already know. Metadata is a tool that allows us to build links between disparate blocks of detailed information and put it into perspective.

However, creating a unified framework for metadata is challenging since our knowledge as a whole is constantly changing.

The field of genomics has a potential to benefit greatly from the opportunities offered by data integration, but also suffers from the challenges associated with the evolution of knowledge in a relatively new field. Diverse databases and data standards are competing and evolving in the genomics space while users struggle to build compatibility between them.

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  • What is metadata, why do we bother with it, and why is it so important in genomics?
  • Understanding metadata ontologies
  • Public data & the struggle of metadata inconsistencies
  • FAIR principles 
  • The need for genomics data and metadata management systems 



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