KnetMiner knowledge network mining software finally available on the Genestack platform.

Multi-omics Network Mining in Genestack using KnetMiner developed by Rothamsted Research

Finally the wait is over! A fully supported version of KnetMiner (a suite of tools to integrate, search and explore large biological knowledge networks) developed by Rothamsted Research is available on the Genestack platform. 

Register here to gain immediate access to KnetMiner and see how you can 

  1. Use the software to mine the myriad databases that describe an organism’s biology to present links between relevant pieces of information, such as genes, biological pathways, phenotypes or publications
  2. Gain clues to design better crops looking at molecular basis for a particular trait 
  3. Take your own high-throughput experimental data and see them in the context of all the public knowledge available 

By using the above form, you will receive access to your KnetMiner account in 24h and get a copy of a comprehensive user guide that will walk you through mining species-species, multi-species and human neurodegenerative networks as well as importing, sharing, reproducing and updating networks on Genestack. 

Download the guide, read it, enjoy it and share it.
The Genestack team