Dec 04. 2017

Advancing Drug Discovery Through Academic–Industry Collaboration

Genestack recently announced that they were joining the Milner Therapeutics Institute. Technology Networks spoke to Genestack and the Institute about the new partnership, its impact on drug development, the importance of collaboration, and challenges within the drug discovery field. Read more here.

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Sep 01. 2017

Why Cambridge will be key to new Government life sciences strategy

"Cambridge business big guns have given a largely warm reception to the launch of the Government's new life sciences strategy which aims to make Britain a world leader in the sector."

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Jul 28. 2017

Growth Opportunities in the European NGS Informatics Market, Forecast to 2021

Genestack has been listed as one of the Key Companies to watch in the recent Frost & Sullivan report on the Growth Opportunities in the European Next-generation Sequencing Informatics Market, Forecast to 2021.

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Feb 20. 2017

Genestack in pole position for bioinformatics revolution

Even after just five years, Genestack is a classic Cambridge firm that is flourishing as scientific research trailblazes new pathways. The Genestack route has been to build a bioinformatics platform that helps you streamline big data R&D

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Apr 22. 2016

Sequencing and Bioinformatics - where is the medical revolution?

The world of computational biology is facing some major challenges regarding issues such as data storage, management, security and analysis. These are the new rate-determining steps of introducing genomics into our everyday lives.

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