Sep 18. 2017

Hackathon stimulates innovation and creativity

New insights gained from genomic information are changing the way we diagnose disease, develop drugs and test for toxicity but there is a shortage of people with the skills and tools needed to analyse and interpret these data. To help build these skills the first Cambridge Bioinformatics Hackathon is to take place in the city on 25-27th September 2017.

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Sep 08. 2017

Genestack offers 'missing link' for genomics drug discovery

“Genestack is providing an essential missing link between data and its analysis,” says Imad I. Yassin, recently appointed Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Genestack, the Cambridge-based biodata management company.

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Sep 07. 2017

Visualising gene-trait networks for faster discovery

It is now possible for non-bioinformaticians to create knowledge-networks – a powerful way for biologists to visualise deep connections between genes and phenotypes – quickly and efficiently thanks to the integration of Rothamsted Research’s open-source KnetMiner software into the Genestack platform.

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Jul 28. 2017

Is shortage of bioinformaticians holding back adoption of precision medicine?

Many key scientists lack essential skills in bioinformatics and this is potentially a bottleneck for therapeutic research in big pharma. Dr Misha Kapushesky, CEO of Genestack, will discuss how increasing pressure on bioinformaticians is slowing the pace of discovery in a webinar ‘Next-generation Sequencing: New Business Models in Diagnostics and Drug Development’ organised by Frost & Sullivan on 9th August.

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May 23. 2017

Bioinformatics is sorted, the pain is in management - Genestack to say at Bio-IT World

  BIOINFORMATICS IS SORTED THE PAIN IS IN MANAGEMENT, GENESTACK TO SAY AT BIO-IT WORLD Genestack allows public & private data to be searched, analysed, visualised in one browser  When playing music on iTunes the computing is invisible, and the same should be true when analysing…

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