Our team is growing!

Hi, I'm Steph!

I joined Genestack at the beginning of this year, having had less experience than most in actual programming. But within a month, I've already learnt so much about bioinformatics and have been mentored extremely well.

I completed my MEng in General Engineering Sciences at the University of Oxford, new genestack team memberspecialising in mechanical and biomedical engineering. At university, I had the opportunity to carry out various biomedical, research based projects but the most relevant one would probably be my 4th year project: this involved modelling the shrinkage behaviour of liver tissue, with the purpose of improving microwave ablation therapy for cancerous tumours. I had to use a lot of Matlab throughout this project and hence, I began to appreciate the relevance of programming within the medical industry. Given the current genomic revolution, which promises to transform medicine, I became extremely interested in bioinformatics.

So, now I'm at Genestack, excitedly developing my skills within a company that is at the heart of this industry.

Stephanie Brunet, MEng