Developing NGS-based assays for haematological cancer research

yvonne teng Hello everyone! My name is Yvonne and I am currently a Research Associate at the Cancer Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory (CMDL), University of Cambridge. I joined Genestack as part of an Industrial Exchange Fellowship that is funded by the Medical Research Council.

My research interests lie in developing NGS-based assays for the diagnosis, prognosis and post-treatment monitoring of haematological cancers. One significant task of the laboratory is to introduce these advancing genomic technologies into clinical practice. The delivery of such NGS-based assays to the clinics will not be achievable without strong bioinformatic and computational support for the analysis of the data. Moreover, data analysis must be fast and simple-to-perform for the diagnostic laboratory personnel.

With the talented and expertise help at Genestack, we are working together to build an operating software designed to address the above issues. I am currently working on an NGS-assay to monitor donor cell engraftment after allogeneic stem cell transplantation and the operating software will be tailored for this assay. With this, we hope the bioinformatic workflow of NGS-data in the clinic will be less daunting and seamless. As importantly, we aim to build an operating system that will meet laboratory accreditation standards for clinical data reporting as well as data management and storage. With an easy solution from sequencing to data reporting, there will be one less barrier to acceptance of genomic technologies in the clinic!

Learning and working with everyone at Genestack has been an amazing experience so far. Their collegial spirit, competence and commitment to building a powerful but fast and easy-to-use genomics operating software has made my learning experience here an enriching one. We are now midway through the development of the software and we are all looking forward to the final product!