Meet our new Bioinformatics Software Developer!

Hi everyone, I'm Eleonora!

eleonora photoI have recently joined Genestack as a Bioinformatics Software Developer.

Just a few months back I have graduated from University of Cambridge with a PhD in Mathematical Genomics and Medicine.

During my PhD I have performed an in-depth research of gene networks derived from genome-wide association studies in Alzheimer's to discover the potential pathological pathways involved in the disease. Also, as a part of my PhD, I have developed image analysis software to estimate the molecular and behavioural circadian rhythms.

Prior to starting my PhD I completed a bachelor's degree in engineering from Kazan National Research Technological University, Russia (majoring in control systems) and a master's degree in Life Science Informatics from the University of Bonn, Germany.

Given the wealth of genomics data and a ever-increasing demand for genomics analysis, I have discovered that Genestack operates at the frontier of this fast growing industry and I am super excited to be part of it!