2016 in retrospect - news, changes and more

Hi everyone! Happy New Year from everyone at Genestack. 2016 has been a very exciting year for us and we thought it would be fun to share our key achievements with you:

  • As always, we've been constantly improving our platform: updating the existing apps and adding new features and tools. If you haven't already, check out the new Microbiome Analysis pipeline, various apps for analysis and interpretation of epigenome and microarray data, as well as well as the very useful Data Browser and powerful meta-analysis app which further expands our platform's data and metadata management proficiency. These and many more amazing tools and features, making the lives of people doing bioinformatics easier, can be found on our platform.
  • After securing the Innovate UK grant for collaboration with Rothamsted Research, we've been expanding our agri-informatics capabilities. Over the last year, we've been integrating their Ondex/KnetMiner gene network 'omics mining tools into our platform. Previously underappreciated due to technical barriers and high usability, these tools enable scientists to perform advanced crop trait analysis using high-throughput genomics datasets. We recently came back from International Plant and Animal Genome conference in San Diego, where we were running a workshop presenting the results of our collaboration with Rothamsted Research. For anyone of you who missed the conference, the slides and recordings of the workshop will be posted on our blog soon.
  • Last year, we also expanded our offerings for healthcare. Due to lowering the entry barrier to bioinformatics with user-friendly system, interactive visual applications and a full suite of tools and pipelines, the Genestack platform is becoming a go-to bioinformatics platform for healthcare research. Last year, amongst other projects, we worked withthe Cancer Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory (CMDL), on developing NGS-based assays for haematological cancers. The collaboration enabled CMDL to adapt what was a research tool for clinical use, in a manner that is user-friendly for diagnostic scientists and doctors.
  • We've been selected as Best of Show finalists during Bio-IT 2016 World Expo and received an Honourable Mention in the Informatics Tools & Data Analytics Category. This award program recognizes the top innovative product solutions for the life sciences industry. In our case, the judges were particularly impressed with the flexibility of the system we have developed.
  • Last, but not least, 2016 has been a year when our international team has almost doubled in size. We've grown out of old offices and moved to brand new spaces in Cambridge and St. Petersburg. We're constantly on the lookout for more employees, so if you're looking for a job in the bioinformatics industry, make sure to visit our careers page.

All in all, it has been a year of great internal changes, growing net of partnerships, expanding our client base and maintaining rewarding and on-going relationships with current clients. In 2017, we look forward to further expanding our team, especially the bioinformatics innovations department, growing our presence in the U.S. and helping more and more people overcome the challenges of bioinformatics. You already might have noticed the first big change of 2017 - our brand makeover! We've changed our logo and the brand to better represent where we are as a company now and to reflect our ambitions for the future. We hope you like it!