How pharmas can extract greater value from large-scale population studies

As publically funded national population studies begin to produce results, there are increasing opportunities to put private data into a wider context and to mine the multi-omics data for new insights. Dr Misha Kapushesky CEO, Genestack is to discuss the challenges in a presentation at the Oxford Global Pharmaceutical IT Congress on 27-28 September 2017.

In his presentation Misha will use real world examples to showcase how Genestack has developed a modular environment to support large pharma and others manage complex multi-omics data. The platform enables greater value to be extracted from private and public data, by Integrating data governance, data federation, scalable storage and analytics.

This consistent integrated approach supports collaborations and streamlines the drug discovery process: scientists are empowered to find relevant data regardless of nature, location or format, analyse it effectively through automated data pipelines, and visualise the results.

Misha’s presentation is within the Translational Science And Medicine Stream on day one, for which he is also the chair.

Translational Science And Medicine Stream also features:

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