Genestack moves to a bigger space and plans to double in size

Genestack is expanding and moving to a new tech hub in central Cambridge.
The company is expecting to double in size in 2017

Cambridge, 17 November 2016 Genestack, a bioinformatics company developing a next generation platform accelerating genomics research and development announced today that it has relocated its home office to 82-88 Hills Road, CB2 1LQ, Cambridge, UK. The new location will house expert scientists and engineers from Bioinformatics and Software Development departments, along with Sales, Marketing and Operations teams. Genestack's UK team focuses on developing cutting-edge solutions to pressing problems of bioinformatics and delivering them to their clients in pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and healthcare industries. For Genestack, the new office space means more room for growth. The company has been gaining momentum over the last year and has grown both in terms of team size, as well as number of clients. Genestack will now occupy an office in a newly developed tech hub in central Cambridge, with Docker, Electric Imp and Malin occupying other spaces in the building. Dr. Misha Kapushesky, the CEO of Genestack said: "In our new office, we will able to comfortably house all Genestack employees, as well as leave room for growth, as we expect our team to double in size during the upcoming months. It has been a very exciting year for us and we are looking forward to what 2017 holds at our new location"


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About Genestack Genestack develops a genomics research and development platform. The platform eliminates routine tasks, tackles inefficiencies and helps its users overcome the challenges of bioinformatics. Genestack team brings together expertise in computational biology, genetics and algorithm design to help the customers, across a range of industries including pharma, healthcare and agriculture, to accelerate their genomics-based research. To learn more, please visit www.genestack.com or follow the company @genestack.