Genestack in pole position for bioinformatics revolution

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  "Since the sequence of the human genome was unravelled in the early noughties a vast amount of data has been generated – so much information, in fact, that it needs innovative tools to make full use of it. Enter Genestack. Even after just fiv...

New format of the Genestack user tutorials

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Hi everyone, We've updated our user tutorials to make them easier to navigate. All previously published tutorials along with the step-by-step videos have been updated. In the upcoming months, we'll be publishing more tutorials on: Microbiome An...

A genome for $100 could be a reality

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"Misha Kapushesky, founder of Cambridge-based Genestack, speaking to Cambridge Business magazine, said of the increasingly available dataset: “As a proportion of genomics and sequencing the production costs are going down – it’s getting cheaper – and data...

Visit Genestack at TriCon in San Francisco, 19-24.02.17

Hi everyone! The Molecular Med Tri-Con 2017 is one week away. We're very much looking forward to meeting all attendees working on drug development and discussing how to address the bottlenecks of pharma R&D. We would like to invite you all t...

PAG: our thoughts & workshop slides and recordings

We were very excited to attend the International Plant & Animal Genomics Conference for the very first time. We learnt a lot from this conference and were very impressed by the diversity and progress made in plant and animal research. It’s been such a...

Looking back at the Festival of Genomics London 2017

We were very excited to attend the Festival of Genomics London last week. It’s been our second time at the Festival, and just like last year, the event was filled with fascinating talks, stimulating workshops and people standing at the forefront of the ge...

2016 in retrospect – news, changes and more

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Hi everyone! Happy New Year from everyone at Genestack. 2016 has been a very exciting year for us and we thought it would be fun to share our key achievements with you: As always, we’ve been constantly improving our platform: updating the existin...

Genestack launches new brand and corporate logo

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Genestack launches new brand and corporate logo The rebranding reflects the evolution of the company and its vision for the future Cambridge, 24 January 2017 … Genestack, a bioinformatics company developing a next generation platform accelerating genomi...

The Genestack brand makeover

Hi everyone! As you have definitely noticed, we changed our logo and the brand to better represent where we are as a company now. Our CEO said: “The new branding is a reflection of the evolution of the company during the last couple of years. It c...

Genestack workshop @ PAG, San Diego

Hi everyone! We look forward to seeing you in San Diego at the 2017 Plant and Animal Genome conference! Make sure to attend our workshop: Applying High-Throughput Bioinformatics Technologies to Crop Research. Tuesday, January 17, 2017 01:30 PM – 03:4...
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