Oct 27. 2017

Genestack Joins the Milner Therapeutics Institute

As sequencing technology shrinks to the size of a key ring and emerging technologies make it possible to track changes to the genome at single cell level, then all of a sudden genomics data becomes a streaming and wearable dataset,” says Imad Yassin, Vice President of bio data management company Genestack. He is explaining why an ecosystem approach is needed for drug discovery and how the company will support members of the Milner Therapeutics Institute in delivering this.

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Oct 24. 2017

Genestack at BioData World Congress 2017

BioData World Congress 2017 is to be held at the Wellcome Genome Centre, Cambridge UK, where a vibrant ecosystem of bioinformaticians and research scientists has evolved following the announcement of the results from the Human Genome Project in 2003. Dr Kapushesky will be talking at the upcoming BioData Congress 2017 where he will be discussing “Do you have what it takes to build a biodata ecosystem for your enterprise?” on Day 2 at 14.25.

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Oct 18. 2017

Testing Differential Isoform Expression on Genestack Platform

Detecting differential isoform expression from RNA-seq data is one of the common transcriptome analysis tasks. And the purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to perform this analysis on Genestack platform.

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Oct 16. 2017

Review of RNA-seq normalisation methods

With recent advances in NGS technologies, RNA-seq is now the preferred way to measure gene expression and perform differential gene expression analysis. However, the presence of technical variability can lead to a wrong conclusion as shown by the Sequencing Quality Control (SEQC) project, which highlighted the fact that RNA-seq does not accurately measure absolute expression and additionally demonstrated the presence of gene-specific bias. This report will demonstrate the presence of technical bias in several normal tissue RNA-seq experiments and investigate the ability of different normalization methods to address this bias.

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Sep 20. 2017

How pharmas can extract greater value from large-scale population studies

The cost and complexity of organising genomics research data are a challenge shared by larger global pharma and growing biotech alike. Dr Misha Kapushesky, CEO of Cambridge-based Genestack, believes that the availability of large scale population studies will intensify this pinch-point. At the upcoming Oxford Global Pharmaceutical IT conference he will be using real world case-studies to describe how effective data management can empower discovery.

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