Sep 20. 2017

How pharma can extract greater value from large-scale population studies

The cost and complexity of organising genomics research data are a challenge shared by larger global pharma and growing biotech alike. Dr Misha Kapushesky, CEO of Cambridge-based Genestack, believes that the availability of large scale population studies will intensify this pinch-point. At the upcoming Oxford Global Pharmaceutical IT conference he will be using real world case-studies to describe how effective data management can empower discovery.

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Sep 18. 2017

Hackathon stimulates innovation and creativity

New insights gained from genomic information are changing the way we diagnose disease, develop drugs and test for toxicity but there is a shortage of people with the skills and tools needed to analyse and interpret these data. To help build these skills the first Cambridge Bioinformatics Hackathon is to take place in the city on 25-27th September 2017.

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Sep 08. 2017

Genestack offers 'missing link' for genomics drug discovery

“Genestack is providing an essential missing link between data and its analysis,” says Imad I. Yassin, recently appointed Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Genestack, the Cambridge-based biodata management company.

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Sep 07. 2017

Visualising gene-trait networks for faster discovery

It is now possible for non-bioinformaticians to create knowledge-networks – a powerful way for biologists to visualise deep connections between genes and phenotypes – quickly and efficiently thanks to the integration of Rothamsted Research’s open-source KnetMiner software into the Genestack platform.

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Sep 01. 2017

How pharmas can extract greater value from large-scale population studies

As publically funded national population studies begin to produce results, there are increasing opportunities to put private data into a wider context and to mine the multi-omics data for new insights. Dr Misha Kapushesky CEO, Genestack is to discuss the challenges in a presentation at the Oxford Global Pharmaceutical IT Congress on 27-28 September 2017.

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